Friends, welcome to your local San Diego Reformers Unanimous Addiction Program. This program addresses issues relating to the fundamental need of behavior modification. This program offers an intense discipleship curriculum that has helped many new and older Christian to grow in their spiritual life. This program works! And it can help those in need.

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Student Accomplishment through R/U Program

  1. Attend one hour weekly group therapy.
  2. Memorize ten Principles to develop abstinence.
  3. Memorize ten Statutes for lifestyle structure.
  4. Memorize nine temperaments to obtain freedom.
  5. Write ten essays on various topics concerning temptations that lead to addiction.
  6. Meet or exceed 107 personal challenges given by the Program Director.
  7. Read at least 110 chapters of our class textbook.
  8. Memorize 106 Bible verses.
  9. Learn the importance of commitment, responsibility and following structure set up by authorities.
  10. Learn the importance of accountability, goals and the responsibilities of life.


The RU awards program is designed to create excitement and momentum for others students to get involve with the RU curriculum. All students, including children receive personal awards as they complete different levels of the program.


The RU Nursery is a clean safe environment for children newborn to three years old. The RU Nursery Ministry provides childcare every Friday. We have a loving and caring staff.

Kidz Club

The Reformers Unanimous Kidz Club is an extension of the faith based adult program. Our mission is to teach the children through song, true life stories and real examples how they can develop and live a life of strong moral character. The children are motivated to earn awards through writing in their Daily Journal and completing Challenges that have been designed to help them learn desirable character traits from a biblical perspective.


The Reformers Unanimous outreach goes out into the community every Wednesday and Saturday. The RU outreach program is designed to go from door to door, business to business telling people about this program that can be a help to them their friends and family. This program also setup booth in health fairs and different community activities.

Youth Program

The RU Youth program purpose is to teach our Youth from 13-19 years of age to have a dynamic relationship with the Lord, while influencing them to stay under God given ordain authorities (Parent, Teacher, Preacher, and Government). This program will assist youths with their transition into adulthood, and prepare them for maintaining a spiritual walk with God.