Age Groups

divided as follows,







The nursery ministry is directed by [NAME HERE] and a staff of our church ladies many of whom have been working in our nursery for a number of years. Our ladies are kept up to date on security and safety procedures for the well being of all the children. The nursery ministry provides childcare for every service plus many of the ministries during the week. We take care of newborns, infants and toddlers with a loving and caring staff in a clean and happy surroundings.


Our children’s ministry is made up of children, ages 2-5 years old. What a privilege and honor to teach these tender and impressionable little ones the simple truths of the Bible and who God is.

For many children this is the beginning of their knowledge of God. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to give them a good start.

You can find our ministry in the 100 building on the church property. We meet every time the church doors are open for service.

Our teachers are members of our church and we must effectively communicate God’s Word. This can only be done in an atmosphere made up of love for the Lord Jesus, a desire to serve Him, and genuine love for the children.

Juniors for Jesus

Junior’s for Jesus, so named by the Junior’s themselves, is a Thursday evening program designed to help the children develop personal skills to grow in their Spiritual walk. This class works with kids ages 9 through 13 or 4th through 6th grade. Music is a major focus and the Jr. Choir, which sings approximately every six weeks, is formed from this group.

The evening includes preaching, choir practice and music education. There is plenty of fun and excitement during the evening with adequate adult spiritual guidance.

Masters Clubs

Masters Clubs is a ministry for the 1st – 3rd grade boys and girls.

Our Purpose

  • To Evangelize, Disciple, Teach, Train, & Provide Opportunities for Children to Serve God Now
  • To Evangelize children by helping church leaders with the ideas, promotional tools, and effective ways of reaching children with the gospel.
  • To Disciple children includes teaching leaders what significant discipleship is, how to implement it in a practical way, and providing tools to get it done.
  • To Teach children God’s Holy Word, carefully, both in lesson, memory, and in life style. Projects will motivate children to “live out” the truth that is taught. Leaders must role model their teaching and preaching.
  • To Train children how to serve the Lord, based upon their characteristics and their capabilities. The goal is to do now what the child is capable of doing, and to instill into them that the opportunities abound to serve the Lord in some ministry role as a lifetime pursuit.
  • To Provide Opportunities in the church for children to serve the Lord in a very meaningful way. To teach and encourage local leaders to train their children to function in some ministry.
  • To provide multiple opportunities for those who are willing to serve.

Preschool Pals

All ladies are invited to bring out your preschool age children (up to age five) and join us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month for a refreshing time of fun and fellowship!

Occasionaly, during summer break, we may have an activity for children older than preschool age and these will be announced as such; however the “Preschool Pals” activities are planned times- specific to moms and preschoolers. Visitors are always welcome!